Asia’s first Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) medical facility
Located in the center of Gangnam, Seoul Korea
25,000,000+ hairs implanted to date



South Korea is not only the safest destination and the hottest pick for
travelers from around the world, but is also the emerging world leader
in the Aesthetic Healthcare Market with advanced technologies
and affordable cost ranges supported by exceptional medical professionals
and outstanding hardware IT based infrastructures.

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Since our establishment in 2003, Motion Clinic has ONLY and STRICTLY
concentrated purely on Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant
FUE was only introduced to the international hair transplant professionals in
2002 by Dr. Rassman and Dr. Bernstein in the United States through a medical
literature publication “Follicular Unit Extraction; Minimally Invasive Surgery for
Hair Transplantation (Rassman, Bernstein, 2002)”.
Motion Clinic was one of the very first licensed medical facilities to pioneer
and commerce the FUE procedures to clients of the mass public. Located in the
heart center of Gangnam, Seoul, we have successfully implanted more than
25,000,000 + hairs since 2003 with our proud FUE techniques.
MOTION CLINIC is officially certified and licensed by the Korean Government
allowing offshore customers to receive its highest level of medical services
provided with the best advancement and guaranteed safety.
Motion Clinic is designated by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare 
through strict evaluation of testing & due diligence under Article 58 of
the Medical Service Act / Korean Accreditation Program for 
Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients (KAHF) certification and license.


  • Before
    Your FUE

    Connected 24/7
    English, 中文, 日本 staff
    Free online consultation
    Free look & feel design on your photo sent
  • During
    Your FUE

    Clinic hotline available 24/7
    English, 中文, 日本 language assistance
    Major credit & debit cards accepted
    Free post FUE kit provided
    Free post FUE care during your stay in Seoul
    10% Tax Refund on your departure
  • After
    Your FUE

    Connected 24/7
    English, 中文, 日本 staff
    Regular contacts with progress monitoring
    Free touch ups if not satisfied with warranty


  • FUE

    FUE Since 2003
    First FUE specialied Clinic in Asia
    Over 25,000,000 + hairs FUE implanted since
    daily max FUE 5,000 grafts / when shaved 3,000 grafts / when non-shaved
  • Non-Shaving

    Genuine non-shave FUE conducted
    No scissors nor clippers applied to the donor area
    no hats or artificial concealments needed
    good to go the very next day!
  • Survival Rate

    Targeted at 95%
    Trusted Motion Technology and Experience
    guaranteed free touch-up by warranty
  • Density

    Achieve your density up to 55~65 grafts / cm2 match implant density to native hair
    by micro slits, sapphires, DHT tools
    Allocation of Grafts singulars to frontal hairline for natural look
    multiples to inner area to maximize volume & density
  • Customized for All

    Libraries of tools for ALL ethnic groups & genders extraction power boxes from US, Europe, Japan and Korea
    range of extractors by soft & dull / 0.65 to 1.25mm
    range of implant incision kits / 0.65 ~ 1.5mm
  • For The Future

    Planning your future with Motion conserve the valuable donor resources NO over harvesting NO dicing of grafts “extract 1,000 grafts and implant 1,000 grafts”

    • 3 days

    • 35 days

    • 56 days

    • 3 months

    • 4 months

    • 5 months

    • 6 months

    • 7 months

    Watch Now “HAIRLICIOUSLY” journey to looking Hairliciously good

    • Part 2

    • Part 3

    • Part 4

    • Part 5

    Watch Now “JUSTIN PATRICK” 7days swim co.




    Motion Clinic exceeded my expectations from start to finish.
    Kim and his staff are exceptional. Kim spent as much time as I needed to ask questions, prepare for the surgery, and to make sure I was taken care of throughout the process. What impressed me the most was how well they communicate leading up to and after the surgery. The hair doctors specialize in Asian and Caucasian hair which made me feel much more confident being from Canada. As for the results of my hair surgery, it has been just over a year and I’m thrilled with the results. The pictures speak for themselves.
    I can’t recommended Kim and Motion Clinic enough.


    Received 1,500 grafts non shaving FUE to my hairline years back. Lowered my hairline 1.5 centimeters with a density of 55 grafts in a square centimeter. The doctors allocated singular grafts to my frontal line for the natural look and feel.
    The multiple grafts were allocated to the inner area matching the density of my native hair density. The result…NOBODY knows I had a hair transplant. Super Satisfied! I have been working with the doctors at Motion Clinic from its beginning years. During my career here at Motion, I have had a chance to play around with major FUE machine tools and devices such as the Artas, Neograft, Smart Grafts, Trivellini, PCID, etc and more. BUT at the end of the day…concluded that the machine is JUST the supporting hardware. The key success to your FUE result would be the doctor and the team of licensed specialists working at the clinic FOR YOU! Do a lot of personal studies! Talk to a lot of clinics and specialists! Meet the right doctor and the clinic…and YOU also would get the super result that you were looking for!


    I highly recommend this clinic. From the moment you enter their clinic, you feel very welcome. Great staff, great doctors, all is very high quality. Even though I came from Norway, communications were never a problem.
    Before I came to the clinic, Mr. Kim answered all my questions very fast, and I asked a lot :) And at the first consultant meeting, I felt welcome and that they had time for you. Every time I am in Seoul, I visit this clinic for a follow up. Again, after all my research before my hair transplant, I ended up at the Motion Clinic, and it was the best choice.


    As an American, I was very nervous about going to another country I’ve never been to for a surgical procedure. But the team at Motion Clinic are phenomenal at putting you at ease with their professionalism. The office is beautiful, modern, and very clean. From start to finish, the entire process was so pleasant and warm. From first meeting the wonderful English speaking representative, to meeting the happy staff, to eating the delicious mid-operation lunch, to the follow up check ups, everything was done with care and attention.
    I had an incident after the operation where I was shopping at a nearby store the next day and I accidentally pulled out one of the hairs, causing lots of bleeding down my head.
    Immediately I went to the clinic and they took me inside right away and stopped the bleeding and even saved the hair. The speed of their response and the care they showed during this incident really made me grateful to have chosen them as my clinic. I contacted several clinics before I came and none of them came even close to the level of service provided by motion clinic. Stop searching for the right hair transplant clinic, you’ve already found it.


    I would highly recommend Motion Clinic to anyone interested in FUE surgery. I had the opportunity to travel to Seoul and have my surgery last summer with Dr. Sung. I found the clinic through a youtube poster that had positive experiences at the clinic. I originally had about 900 grafts done in Manhattan about one year prior to going to Motion Clinic. The results were not what i had hoped. There were density issues in the final result and i was not happy. Motion Clinic was my second FUE surgery. I can say that the quality of service was as good if not better than the doctor i had in Manhattan and the price was considerably cheaper for 1300 grafts. Though the staff at Motion speaks Korean, Mr. Kim is fantastic as a liaison to help communicate with the staff in English. Mr. Kim was there by email at all times prior to the surgery and was there during the surgery to help as well. Mr. Kim answered every email question i sent him immediately (and there were a lot). I can not say enough about the service i received from Motion Clinic including Mr. Kim as well as Dr. Sung and staff. Though Im still in the healing process of my surgery Im very happy so far with the result. If you are considering FUE surgery and can make it to Seoul I would highly recommend this clinic to you. MORE


    I shared my hair transplant journey through my Youtube channel HAIRLICIOUSLY. I had 2 FUE hair transplants at Motion clinic, one in 2016 and in 2019 and I can honestly say that I am super happy with my final results. I was born with a high forehead and noticed my hairline receding in my early 20s, so I decided to take action and looked for a good hair transplant clinic in South Korea. In November 2016, I underwent a total of 1700 grafts implanted into my hairline. Fast forward to Nov 2019, I received a 2nd hair transplant to add in more density and to lower my hairline for a more adolescent look.
    I’m just past my 6 month mark and I can say that Motion is THE best clinic in South Korea. My hairline looks extremely natural, the density is full and I am very content with the overall design of the hairline. More importantly, my donor zone after 3500 grafts is unnoticeable! Dr Bahk and his staff were extremely professional, knowledgeable and went the extra step to make sure that I was in good hands. There is no doubt that I would highly recommend anyone looking to get a hair transplant to check out Motion Clinic. I have attached some before/after photos for those who want to check out my progress. Thank you Motion Clinic, Dr Bahk and all of the staff members. This has been quite a life changer for me!!


My name is Dr. Sung M.D the Head Doctor for Motion Clinic.
Thank you for having interest for us.
Upon confirmation of your information, we will get back to you via email as
soon as possible with non-binding free consultations and fruitful informative
visual resources in assisting your journey winning over hair loss.

There is a popular saying in Korea among the hair loss population:
Deuk-Mo (득모 得毛) translated to GAIN HAIR!
Until the day we Deuk-Mo, Motion Clinic will be by your side!


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  • 2000 grafts implanted

    1500 grafts implanted

  • 1700 grafts implanted

    3000 grafts implanted

  • 3000 grafts implanted

    1800 grafts implanted

  • 2000 grafts implanted

    1600 grafts implanted

  • 1200 grafts implanted

    1600 grafts implanted

  • 800 grafts implanted

    600 grafts implanted

  • 800 grafts implanted

    1200 grafts implanted

  • 1000 grafts implanted

    1500 grafts implanted


  • front desk

  • consultation room

  • consultation room

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  • operation

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  • Q: Are the procedures conducted by the doctors? +

    • Motion Clinic practice the highest standard of FUE as conducted in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Korean Medical Law is strictly controlled by the Korean Government and National Health Organizations. The doctors would conduct the anesthesia. The doctors would fully conduct the extraction of the grafts using automated punches matching ones’ characteristic of scalp conditions, graft conditions, hair conditions, etc. Then the doctor would fully conduct the incisions by using micro slits into the recipient site. This procedure would be the most important and difficult stage as it determines the survival rates, designs and density. Then under the doctor’s supervision…our licensed nurses would place the grafts organized by the doctors into the incisions.  The allocation of the grafts would be fully planned by the doctor’s support.
  • Q: How long do I have to stay in Seoul and what are the post operational cares involved? +

    • Most of our customers from North America and Europe (longer flights) would stay in Seoul for minimum 5 days to maximum 10 days. Most of our customers from South East and Mid Asia / Oceania would stay in Seoul for minimum 5 days to maximum 7 days. Post 5 days: the implanted grafts are anchored into the scalp Post 10 days: able to remove the scab formed on the recipient site and to get a hair cut >>> During your stay in Seoul... we will provide you with free post hair washes every day (excluding Sundays and holidays)
  • Q: Is the procedure painful? +

    • At Motion Clinic we do best to lessen the pain. All FUEs are conducted under local anesthesia. With out long years of experience from 2003... we do best in serving the most comfortable FUE to our customers. During the local anesthesia... differs by individuals... one can experience moment of sting. BUT after the medication kicks in... one will be comfortable enough to fall asleep during the procedure.
  • Q: How does Motion Clinic allocate its grafts? +

    • We will search for the needed number of singular grafts and multiple 2s / 3s / 4s from the donor area. The singular grafts would be allocated to the frontal hair line for the natural look and feel. The multiple grafts would be allocated and implanted to the inner area to bring max volume and density. And we do not dice / split / separate the grafts! We will extract 1,000 grafts / implant 1,000 grafts.
  • Q: Do I need to take hair loss medications before and after the FUE procedure? +

    • Implanted grafts are expected to survival lifespan without loss. The main purpose is to maintain and preserve the native existing hair... which are always opened for continuous hair loss. Do note that these mentioned medications can be only purchased through doctor’s prescriptions.
  • Q: Is the procedure guaranteed at Motion Clinic? +

    • Motion Clinic (like other high-end top clinics) would target a 95% survival rate. We give out a written guarantee to our customers on the day of the procedure mentioning “If the survival rate would be lower than 90%.... we do it for your free again after one year”.
  • Q: What is the cost for the FUE at Motion Clinic? +

    • The cost would be calculated on a per graft basis. Shaving FUE which involves a full shaving on donor areas would cost 5,500 KRW per graft. Non-Shaving FUE which involves absolutely NO shaving on donor areas would cost 7,700 KRW per graft. Having seasonal events and promotions... do check with us for details... Also confirm the daily conservation rates for the Korean Won.